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21 Jan 2019

Facial Peeling - Learn Exactly How To Keep Your Skin Clear And Also Healthy

The face chemical peel consists of a total as well as accelerated cell renewal of the superficial layers of the skin. In cities, various types of peeling of skin are practiced according to the needs of the skin of each patient. That's why we provide peels of phenol, glycolic acid, and also salicylic acid. Its functions are as diverse as cleaning, hydration or depigmentation.

What Benefits Does A Chemical Peel Have On Your Skin?

In aesthetic medicine, chemical peels are practiced to achieve an accelerated cell renewal of the superficial layers of the skin.

It is normally done any time that the patient decides and also serves to:

- Speed up the natural procedure of skin cell renewal, by using a highly concentrated substance that helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin more quickly.

- Deal with spots caused by hormonal elements: pregnancy, contraceptive intake or hormonal treatments. These factors alter the melanocyte responsible for making melanin, causing irregularities in the skin in the form of a spot, and also called melasma.

Just how Is The Therapy Started?

The peeling skin treatment face starts with cleaning. Later, the masks are placed on the areas to be dealt with. In each case, it will be the professional who identifies the type of peel as well as the period of the treatment according to the skin of the patient.

Just how Is A Facial Peel Done?

Do you want to know how to clean nose pores, then the solution is here. After cleaning the skin, and also decreasing it, apply a solution or mask (depending upon the kind of peel), making a number of passes determined in the area to be dealt with, making use of a sequence of various alpha hydroxyl acids (acids of vegetable origin). If it is a mask, apply a layer of item and let it act for a time suggested by the physician and after that it will certainly be removed.

The times of exposure of the products used will always depend upon the skin condition of the patient to be treated.

Advantages Of Chemical Peeling

Your first treatment will certainly transform your skin radically, by promoting a healthy and youthful glow, by smoothing fine wrinkles and also improving skin color, by lightening dark spots as well as reducing enlarged pores as well as acne marks.

With each added therapy, you will certainly observe an improvement in the general appearance of your skin, as the revival process receives extra excitement. Successive treatments keep the improvements attained in fine wrinkles, gentleness, smoothness, and also glow of the skin. Dark spots (sunspots or aged spots), skin shade, acne scars, and also bigger pores will certainly likewise improve as therapies continue, along with control over fat manufacturing by the skin. Click here to read more

Acid peeling treatment permits working at a superficial level of the skin:

- Accelerates cell renewal

- Rise collagen production

- The session is performed in an extremely short time

- It enables treating scars of acne as well as stretch marks

- Allows to get rid of stains

- Much more luminous skin, the spots become lighter

- More homogeneous coloration

- Tension effect. Reduces the number, size, and depth of wrinkles

- It will certainly not "steal" time in patients' daily lives.

- It generates new skin in areas where there are scars, stretch marks, as well as acne marks.

- Decreases dilated pores

- Improve the texture


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